Oracle Atonomous

Last month Oracle – (Larry Ellison, CTO and Executive Chairman) has introduced Oracle Autonomous database for OLTP system Oracle has already introduced Autonomous on OLAP system in early this year.

This way it is shows that Oracle on Cloud can perform everything by its own(autonomous) automatically and no human intervention required, includes:

Dynamic resource Resource management

Pay as you use.

Auto Performance

Auto Maintenance – Online

Auto Patching  security Compliance/ Security thread management

Dynamic database creation

Dynamic HA  & Redundancy

99.995% up-time (2.5 Minutes Per Month)

& Many More…

Their would be Oracle 19c which will be released mostly by Jan 2019. which has more features on autonomous system.

If it works what all asked it could be possible that Oracle would be getting more market at cloud as well from Amazon. but we have to wait for it. the very important point here is the $$$$, as this days investing on the infrastructure is reduced drastically due to Open system/ Free ware market is increased and for every system we have open source system.

Future of Database system would be more and more of and automation system, similar kind of concept is getting introduced by almost all the Database system includes MSSQL Server, MongoDB , IBM, Google, AWS and others as well. so we have to see how Database management system will see in future.

Increasing the Data growth and Analytic system. database system will be things to see…. time will tell us.



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