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RAID (Redundant Array Independent Disk)

RAID (Redundant Array Independent Disk) As disk/storage plays a very important role in any application, everything is saved on disk sql server is no exception. Generally all activity happens on memory as memory is very fast compared to Disk. Earlier … Continue reading

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TempDB Internals

TempDB Internals: TempDB is very important DB in sql server, generally sql server automatically takes care of the storage management of the system, and we do not require bothering much about this storage, also now days we are having good/much … Continue reading

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Reading another great book ( I know its old but good book)…   Inside Microsoft sql server 2005: T-SQL QUERYING….by Itzik Ben – Gan.        

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Reading Sql Server Internals — Kalen Delaney….    

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Books and Webcast

Vinay Webcast & Whitepapers Kimberly L. Tripp Webcast’s Webcast seriesHighly recommend – Please go though it.;sortKey=;sortOrder=;pageEvent=false;kwdAny=sql%20server%20Kimberly%20L.%20Tripp%20;eventType=0;searchcontrol=yes;s=1 Other webcast from Microsoft search event and webcast on Microsoft.   Good Books…. Just now I read the following books and looks great to … Continue reading

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Reading…. SQL Server 2005 Practical Troubleshooting: The Database Engine (SQL Server Series)  by Ken Henderson (Editor)   Inside Microsoft® SQL Server(TM) 2005: Query Tuning and Optimization  By Kalen Delaney (Editior)   Professional SQL Server 2005 Performance Tuning (Programmer to Programmer…  … Continue reading

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