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Introduction to Memory configuration

Introduction to Memory configuration Yesterday I was discussion with one of my friend on memory management and internals to expertise in sql server. So started working more on it and found very fundamental information everyone should aware of it. Memory management … Continue reading

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Audio Webcast – Whats News

Yesterday I though of doing an audio webcast what all I blog. So started audio webcast, its a series of webcasts on Whats New blog category which I blog here and here please refer blog when listen. Today I uploaded it … Continue reading

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Performance Tunning -Checklist

continue with performace tunning stuff, I would like to make a checklist (kind of) for general performance tunning or dba checklist. I highly recommend to read my earlier post on performance tunning here Performance Monitoring (Activities): Dashboard report (2005) Data collector (2008) Performance Monitor … Continue reading

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TempDB Internals

TempDB Internals: TempDB is very important DB in sql server, generally sql server automatically takes care of the storage management of the system, and we do not require bothering much about this storage, also now days we are having good/much … Continue reading

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