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Adding Articles to and Dropping Articles from Existing Publications

While checking on the forum found many questions about how to add/drop articles from existing replication. so though of blogging on it. Everyone should follow this (must read) which is the base/reference for this blog . >>Snapshot/Transactional Replicaiton:- Adding Articles:- … Continue reading

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Whats new in Sql server 2008 r2

I blog a series of blogs on whats new where I tried to brief about whats new in sql server versions compare to earlier version till sql server 2008, this blog is continue to that for whats new in sql server … Continue reading

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Deadlock part 1 -brief.

I already shared some of the great links for deadlock in my earlier blog here got a question for my interview what is deadlock?, so would like to brief about it, following description would be deadlock by simple transactions which … Continue reading

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Rename Distribution job

Whenever we create a replication (transaction replication) whether it is from Wizard or script, the respective agent (log reader, distributor and snapshot) job created automatically with their default naming conversion as Snapshot Agent: [PublisherServerName]-PublisherDB-PublisherDB- [# of time replication script/wizard run … Continue reading

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Error Numbers

Everyone wants to know the list of error numbers present in sql server. Today found a very interesting site( another great site -added in my fevorites list for reference). above link shows at the bottom list of sql server … Continue reading

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Error Log Part 2

I already discussed the steps of server starts which log info at error logs here, In this blog I would like to share the information we can get from error log. Error Log  contains: Version of Sql server Version of  … Continue reading

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MySQL to SQL Server Migration

Free MySQL to SQL Server Migration Tool Available for Download From Microsoft this is for sql server 2005 and sql server 2008 for Migration from MySql to MS Sql server 2000 use below information. I also blog … Continue reading

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Microsoft Release end dates -2

I blog here lastly about Microsoft Sql server 2000 support has already expired. Just want to update further on this that Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 2 is already expired (January 12, 2010) and SQL Server 2008 RTM will expire … Continue reading

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New Blog Location

Hi Friends.   Thanx for your support. for this year onwords I will be bloging on my own website….   Hope to see you there     Thanx. Vinay\\thakurvinay  

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My own site for blogging

Hi Eveyone. Now on I will be bloging on this site…. Thanx. Vinay twitter @thakurvinay

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