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MSDB Size growing

msdb is growing due to queue. their is a great blog to help to reduce this How to reduce MSDB size from 42Gb to 200Mb query to get object size: USE msdb GO SELECT TOP(10) o.[object_id] , obj = SCHEMA_NAME(o.[schema_id]) … Continue reading

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Day 1: MySQL History

Swedish Company: MySQL AB by – Michael Widenius (Monty), David Axmark and Allan Larsson Name Combination: Michael’s Daughter name –“My” and SQL Initially – PHP DB Extension to open source – not suitable for DBMS – Developed in(C & C++) … Continue reading

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More IMPORTANT miscellaneous info

This is a first blog for this month, yes I was busy with Powershell quiz and some other personal stuff. Okay, continue with Miscellaneous Info here is some more important stuff/ information about sql server. >>Ghost cleanup task runs every 5minuts … Continue reading

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Suspect Database

Suspect database generally caused by internal IO issue, and the best way to resolve it to ask hardware person to check and correct the issue. And sql server dba has to monitor it. Check the database consistence using DBCC CHECKDB … Continue reading

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Miscellaneous Info

Some undocumented and important stuff   DMV: dbcc showcontig – index_physical_stats will scan complete index pages even if you use where clause Backup : uses 960k speed can reduce to 64k. Virtual File Space … for 32 bit system. Default big … Continue reading

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Things to consider…

Hi…. I found some interesting COOL and Caution stuff on sql server, Will try to keep this updated…. Cool Stuff: 1.SSMS: now you can take output copy into excel with heading. SSMS Tips and Tricks 2.SSMS: Code Collapse and … Continue reading

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Experts Links – Very IMP

Sql server Experts: Aaron Alton The HOBT Aaron Bertrand Aaron Bertrand Aaron Lowe SELECT Thoughts FROM dbo.Brain Adam Machanic data manipulation for fun and profit Adam Rink My SQL Server Blog Adrian Downes Establish. Execute. Evolve. Alan Koo Microsoft Business … Continue reading

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Ken Henderson Passed away…

Ken Henderson Passed away.. Hey today while surfing shocked i found this news that my feverate author…Guru. of sql server is passed away on jan 27 2008.    

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my Favorite Part 1

  Hi Friends,   Today I would like to share my favorites on Sql server…   My Favorite Links A list of the bugs that are fixed in SQL Server 2000 Service Pack 4 After restore Database, transactional replication can’t … Continue reading

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