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SQL Server 2016 …whats new…WOW!!!

Hey there…. I wrote on SQL Server 2016 in my earlier blog Lets See and Whats new, during that time I knew that SQL Server 2016 will be good. but when I explore and see it now looks like it is a REVOLUTION for … Continue reading

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Index Rebuild VS Reorganize

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Normalization & Denormalization

Normalization & Denormalization Someone asked me about this basic thing which we generally do not think much, so realize that should write a short blog on it. Normalization: For any database the way data is stored using different data models … Continue reading

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RAID (Redundant Array Independent Disk)

RAID (Redundant Array Independent Disk) As disk/storage plays a very important role in any application, everything is saved on disk sql server is no exception. Generally all activity happens on memory as memory is very fast compared to Disk. Earlier … Continue reading

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Always use Configuration Manager for changing service account

When your service account is expired/disabled or is not having access than sql service could not able to start and you may get an error an en eventvwr as “Could not open error log file ‘C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL.1\MSSQL\LOG\ERRORLOG’. Operating system error … Continue reading

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More IMPORTANT miscellaneous info

This is a first blog for this month, yes I was busy with Powershell quiz and some other personal stuff. Okay, continue with Miscellaneous Info here is some more important stuff/ information about sql server. >>Ghost cleanup task runs every 5minuts … Continue reading

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Command Prompt connectivity –U option

When you try to connect to sql server using isql/osql or sqlcmd there are two authentication you can use windows authentication and sql authentication. -E option is used for windows authentication where you domain windows login which you have connected … Continue reading

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Good Bye 2011

Good Bye 2011 Hey there, this year is going to an end and just want to recall what all happened this year in my life both personally (cannot disclose much J) and professionally. The good news about this year is … Continue reading

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How Query execute

Whenever you execute any query…. Everything will be on Memory unless data is not available from disk(file). Select : The command will go to relational engine and create a query plan for the same. –compile plan (memory) and execute plan( … Continue reading

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Torn page detection vs Page Checksum

TornPage Detection: Up to sql server 2000, for data corruption process is called torn page detection, this option is default on. The data page is of size 8k and  combination of 8 pages is called extent. where as hardware storage is stored in … Continue reading

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