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TempDB Contention 2.1.%

Problem: When you are performing many DML operations and makes tempdb contesnion on it, You may get wait_resource of  2.1.103 check perfomance counter: Temp Tables Creation Rate Temp Tables For Destruction When you are performing many DML operations and makes … Continue reading

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Denali — Day 1: Tempdb Compatibility – Bug?

Denali — Day 1: Tempdb Compatibility – Bug?   I have installed sql server 2012 express and evolution edition on my personal laptop, and observed that the compatibility of databases is 110 (11) for Denali. And till now when you … Continue reading

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Day 9: Error running sp_helpdb

Sp_helpdb is very helpful command for sql server 2000, which give information about sql server databases, so time we get an error as Cannot insert the value NULL into column ‘owner’, table ‘tempdb.dbo.#xxx__________________000’; column does not allow nulls. INSERT fails. … Continue reading

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Day 1: Tempdb data file grown high cannot shrink tempdb data file.(available size in – negative)

Description:- We got a critical drive error alert(we have our own alerting tool) for the drives which contains Tempdb. Got error:     2011-10-13 04:51:31.500 Could not allocate space for object ‘ temporary run storage:  111111111111111’ in database ‘tempdb’ because the … Continue reading

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TempDB Internals

TempDB Internals: TempDB is very important DB in sql server, generally sql server automatically takes care of the storage management of the system, and we do not require bothering much about this storage, also now days we are having good/much … Continue reading

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