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MongoDB 4.0.2 release

As i was discussing about MongoDB in my earlier blog, on NOSQL ACID stands for Atomic, Consistent, Isolation, and Durable we generally call this for RDBMS systems BASE, which is typical for NoSQL systems, stands for Basically Available, Soft State, … Continue reading

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What is MemSQL

yeah, MemSQL for me its a combination of RDBMS and NOSQL and more of flexibility of both per our choice, most of the RDBMS going with such concept. NOSQL is compromise with ACID property and flexible for developers it has … Continue reading

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Azure CosmosDB SQL Server

As you know Microsoft has retrieve the data from Hadoop with by polybase and extended the R language to External language(R and Phython). now Microsoft is wanted to make sure that it has feasibility for all the environment whichever is available … Continue reading

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Future DBA – Hive Big Data 2

In our last blog on Future DBA, we discussed on HADOOP -HDFS system. how as we know HDFS management is quite difficult so with the help of Vendors -Cloudera/Hortonworks/MapR we can integrate the tools/utility in a GUI way and can be … Continue reading

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Future DBA – Hadoop Big Data

As we discussed on earlier blog that in future its more than SQL-(R)DBMS, as data is growing we have to know BIGDATA as well, and when we talk about BIGDATA we should be aware of HADOOP. I have gone through … Continue reading

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