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Good Bye 2011

Good Bye 2011 Hey there, this year is going to an end and just want to recall what all happened this year in my life both personally (cannot disclose much J) and professionally. The good news about this year is … Continue reading

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Basics QA on Extended Event

Basics QA on Extended Event     I am learning Extended Event so this is my first blog on extended event, There is a great whitepaper on XEvent by Jonathan Kehayias. Q1. What is extended event? A1. It is a … Continue reading

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Suspect Database

Suspect database generally caused by internal IO issue, and the best way to resolve it to ask hardware person to check and correct the issue. And sql server dba has to monitor it. Check the database consistence using DBCC CHECKDB … Continue reading

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spid in Killed/Rollback cannot kill – external

We come across a situation where we have to kill one spid which was running for quite some time, so we though killing will help us, but after killing found that that spid is not killed but stuck in our … Continue reading

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