SSMS – Docker SQL Server

once we install SQL Server on Docker which we discussed in our last blog, we can connect Docker SQL Server on Linux to SSMS on you local system, in my case it is windows Pro 10.

I have installed SSMS from Microsoft site.

without installing SSMS if you want to connect to SQL Command port you have to go to

find SQLCMD location (/opt/mssql-tools/bin) and run the command

we have to install it like here

I have observed that SQL Server installation is simple but once it is install i was having issues/problem to connect to sqlcmd

i was getting error as server not found

Similar issue is also observed for following forums Here , here and troubleshooting

Docker ps

shows Port as -localhost


Sqlcmd: Error: Microsoft ODBC Driver 13 for SQL Server : Login timeout expired. Sqlcmd: Error: Microsoft ODBC Driver 13 for SQL Server : : Error Locating Server/Instance Specified [xFFFFFFFF]. . Sqlcmd: 

Microsoft ODBC Driver 13 for SQL Server

you can get this network information as

docker inspect <container_ID>


This solved my problem

netstat abn

sysctl net.ipv4.conf.all.forwarding=1


once that is done, you can able to connect to SQLCMD

SQLCMD -S localhost,1433 -U “SA” -P”Pa@@word123″

or using SSMS




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SQL Server on Docker

Started working on Docker and contains

Install Docker on the system – please make a note that for windows 10 Home it does not support(we have to use Docker Toll Box for it). please make sure to use Windows 10 Pro to start. refer Pre-request

Once Docker is installed I used docker with “Windows container” and observed slowness on installation of SQL Server(not sure about the reason) as compare to “Linux container”.


Install SQL Server on Docker container 2017

>docker pull

Once docker is pulled (you can directly run it will intern pull if not already pulled, it would be quick. once docker retrieves it.
docker run -e “ACCEPT_EULA=Y” -e “SA_PASSWORD=Str@ngPwd12” -p 1401:1433 –name VinSQL -d

Here port number is important.

are you are done.

run following command to see if container is running

Docker ps -a

if its running we are good else start container

Docker start <Container ID>

once Container started Microsoft SQL Server is ready to use.

if you want to BASH the SQL Server

>Docker exec -it <SQL Nm> “bash”


you will get command prompt for bash.









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SQL Server 2019

I have written about 2017 here,

Last month at Microsoft Ignite FL on September 2018, Microsoft announce they are going to release 2019 early next  year at , same as Oracle 2019.

I would be writing more on it in future. but here are some key features it has:

  • Integrated High Availability and support for multiple Database technologies like  Big Data , NoSQL and other RDBMS together (extended version of Polybase).
  • Extended support to Java with machine learning (R and Phyton).
  • support for kubernetes for containers.
  • Improved in performance on adoptive query processing – Intelligent query processing.
  • Replication with other OS.

and many more






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MongoDB-CHICAGO .Local

Continue to my interest on MongoDB Blog lastly on MongoDB 4.02, I attended MongoDB CHICOGO .local Sep 12 and learned so much about MongoDB so would like to blog more about what I learned.

MongoDB has 3 Managers:

MongoDB Atlas

Atlas provides MongoDB as a service from the people who build MongoDB.

MongoDB Cloud Manager

Cloud Manager is a hosted platform for managing MongoDB on the infrastructure of your choice.

MongoDB Ops Manager

Ops Manager is a comprehensive application that helps you manage MongoDB safely and reliably in your own data center

ATLAS: MongoDB database can be supported/ managed by MongoDB company and they will take care of the system for you and they charge per on cloud, this concept is called ATLAS.
Atlas is Secure per standard and supported on major provided like – AWS, Azure and Google.

Stitch:  for atlas for development purpose.

BI : ATLAS also provides support to BI tools like Micro strategy/Ta-blue , chart  for analysis purpose.

at keynote – Eliot Horowitz has shared a great information and future of MongoDB:

Inter cloud replication in future MongoDB will be planning to support that, it would be a great thing which will come

MongoDB 4.02+ would be great and would be future ready System.

Would write more about it later.


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MySQL 8.0 and NDB 7.6

Oracle announced MySQL ndb Cluster 7.6 : in June 2018.

Oracle Announces General Availability of MySQL Cluster 7.6 – June 2018

Oracle also announced MySQL 8.0 latest version of MySQL in

Oracle Announces General Availability of MySQL 8.0 – April 19, 2018.

This version of MySQL is latest and having almost all the latest functionality and stability. Oracle has performed great investment on it and had grand events for its release all across the world specially ASIA, Europe and America.

The important of this Version is that from ver 8.0 on it would be more specific to Oracle and oracle Cloud integration. due to this MySQL would be more like a Enterprise system and some of the things are not open for Open source team. Oracle has made major changes in the Engine more compatible with Cloud.

MySQL 8.0 and ndb 7.6 are more stable and enterprise related and fixed most of the BUGs on earlier version of Engine.

Following are some of the features:

  • Cloud Ready Database.
  • Performance – Up to 2x faster than MySQL 5.7
  • spatial datatypes,
  • NoSQL – Document Store
  • JSON – Extended syntax,
  • Security

This will make MySQL more like a Dedicated Oracle Product — I guess.




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Apache Hadoop Release 3.1.1 available

Last month Apache Hadoop also release its latest Stable release version Apache Hadoop 3.1.1 which has major improvement in Hadoop system.

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MongoDB 4.0.2 release

As i was discussing about MongoDB in my earlier blog, on NOSQL

ACID stands for Atomic, Consistent, Isolation, and Durable we generally call this for RDBMS systems

BASE, which is typical for NoSQL systems, stands for Basically Available, Soft State, and Eventually Consistent. Eventual consistency is faster on writes because the application doesn’t have to wait to see if the write persisted. As soon as the data store captured the write, but before it is persisted to disk or to another machine, it could tell the application the write was successful and the application could move on to the next operation. So you gain a performance advantage but at the risk of not seeing the data you just wrote, or the data might be lost altogether in an error condition. — refer from Rick Negrin blog.

now like other Database system, MongoDB also expanded its area and explore more options :

Supports ACID property – Multi-document ACID transactions.

Snapshot Read Concern -Isolation/ Better read

Non-Blocking Secondary Reads – live reads

Extensions to Change Streams – real time data change

Data Type Conversions – for better ETL

Improved Migrations Throughput – for better migration

Improved Sharding Operations – better sharding

Slow Query Logging on mongos – better for troubleshooting

This definitely shows that future MongoDB will be considered to be database system and future proof compare to other RDBMS and database system. the value add to this is its a FREE and open Source. 



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Oracle Atonomous

Last month Oracle – (Larry Ellison, CTO and Executive Chairman) has introduced Oracle Autonomous database for OLTP system Oracle has already introduced Autonomous on OLAP system in early this year.

This way it is shows that Oracle on Cloud can perform everything by its own(autonomous) automatically and no human intervention required, includes:

Dynamic resource Resource management

Pay as you use.

Auto Performance

Auto Maintenance – Online

Auto Patching  security Compliance/ Security thread management

Dynamic database creation

Dynamic HA  & Redundancy

99.995% up-time (2.5 Minutes Per Month)

& Many More…

Their would be Oracle 19c which will be released mostly by Jan 2019. which has more features on autonomous system.

If it works what all asked it could be possible that Oracle would be getting more market at cloud as well from Amazon. but we have to wait for it. the very important point here is the $$$$, as this days investing on the infrastructure is reduced drastically due to Open system/ Free ware market is increased and for every system we have open source system.

Future of Database system would be more and more of and automation system, similar kind of concept is getting introduced by almost all the Database system includes MSSQL Server, MongoDB , IBM, Google, AWS and others as well. so we have to see how Database management system will see in future.

Increasing the Data growth and Analytic system. database system will be things to see…. time will tell us.



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What is MemSQL

yeah, MemSQL for me its a combination of RDBMS and NOSQL and more of flexibility of both per our choice, most of the RDBMS going with such concept.

NOSQL is compromise with ACID property and flexible for developers it has its own feature and good stuff and purpose.

MemSQL can be setup per our requirement like can save data on Memory and can be committed later(in-memory), can have redundancy and HA as cluster and replication. it can be used for Analytics as BI. more of an another RDBMS.

I am not a great fever for MemSQL but i am writing this just to be aware that MemSQL existing like other RDBMS.

But Some take it more then this like : Rick Negrin



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New – News on Database System

This month i will try to write whats new going on in the market, as i could see many new things are coming, new releases new concepts. things are change with respective with data and database technologies.

its getting interesting that everyone wanted to show that they can do better and do anything what other can do and would wanted to be in RACE for future database system… these database i am avoiding to specify RDBMS/NOSQL and other terms and things are getting complicated on those terms as all can do everything – i guess.

will try to write some blogs on this … Happy Learning as always :).




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