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Day 19 MyIASM Storage engine

MyIASM storage engine is available from the early stage of MySQL this engine is developed from IASM language and it is used for Read intensive operations. As described in yesterday this Engine was default till MySQL 5.5 and is widely … Continue reading

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Day 2: Introduction to MySQL

Story of MySQL is very interesting and involved emotions in it. This is my understanding and my though on Journey of MySQL. MySQL AB is (“My”) in 1995 by Michael Widenius (Monty) and team, as an open source by community … Continue reading

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Day 1: MySQL History

Swedish Company: MySQL AB by – Michael Widenius (Monty), David Axmark and Allan Larsson Name Combination: Michael’s Daughter name –“My” and SQL Initially – PHP DB Extension to open source – not suitable for DBMS – Developed in(C & C++) … Continue reading

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