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Always On: Troubleshooting Consolidated

Working on Always On and configuration/setup of AG we have observed many errors. especially when configuration listener with following error 19471 or AG could not configure: Creating availability group listener resulted in an error. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Create failed for Availability … Continue reading

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Day 15 Server Logs

There are 6 types of logs available for MySQL environment, Logs are important information for DBA to troubleshoot or understand the system. MySQL track the information in those logs. Following are the list of logs: Error Log (– start/stop/errors) Query … Continue reading

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SQL Server 2005 – Failed Maintenance Job

I Know SQL Server 2005 is no longer in support by Microsoft, but Want to provide a solution for those who have legacy system and come across a issue where maintenance job failed in jobs and on maintenance plan history … Continue reading

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Index Rebuild VS Reorganize

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Re-initialize replication not working

For someone re-initialization is very simple, just go to publisher and right click and select re-initiallize and it will ask for- do you want to generate snapshot now, if you say “yes” it will create a metadata of the articles … Continue reading

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TempDB Contention 2.1.%

Problem: When you are performing many DML operations and makes tempdb contesnion on it, You may get wait_resource of  2.1.103 check perfomance counter: Temp Tables Creation Rate Temp Tables For Destruction When you are performing many DML operations and makes … Continue reading

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Cluster failover fails

you may get an error while trying to failover to another node cluster.   to resolve this issue create an alias on the node with the cluster name and it should work. will blog more on this later.  

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LogReader agent failed

You may get an error on log reader agent failed with following error:   Cannot execute as the database principal because the principal “dbo” does not exist, this type of principal cannot be impersonated, or you do not have permission. … Continue reading

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DBCC Cleaning CACHE – Memory

DBCC Cleaning CACHE – Memory I wanted to write this blog for quite some time, here you go, as you know at sql everything is on memory, memory information retrieve quickly compare to Disk. So if things are not in … Continue reading

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Error: ACCESS DENIED on installation

Error: ACCESS DENIED on installation Generally you would get error on: >> During installation >> when try to start the sql services. >> After installation when try to access instance. You would get “ACCESS DENIED” error. To resolve this issue, … Continue reading

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