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Transaction Log Internals

Transaction Log : >> Transaction log is tracks transaction on that database. >> There should be at least one  transaction log (ldf) file for every database. >> Transaction log is always write in sequential manner , Only at redo state … Continue reading

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Difference between Checkpoint and LazyWriter

Was thinking about to write this blog for quite some time. CheckPoint Lazy Writer 1. Flush dirty pages to Disk 1. Flush dirty pages to disk. 2. Flush only Data pages to disk 2. Check for available memory and removed … Continue reading

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How Query execute

Whenever you execute any query…. Everything will be on Memory unless data is not available from disk(file). Select : The command will go to relational engine and create a query plan for the same. –compile plan (memory) and execute plan( … Continue reading

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Lock Info

Lock: As we have discussed about introduction locks here(in our earlier blog). Here we will discuss how to trouble shoot locking. Locking is good to maintain the consistency of our data. Means when someone is update our data no one … Continue reading

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Failure Cluster -General

We have discussed some basic high availability here. Yesterday we were discussing about Windows clustering (here on will say “Clustering”) and realized that I have not blog much about clustering, Here I will be considering 2 node clustering “Active -Passive” … Continue reading

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