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Impact of uninstall instance on replication.

Hi,   Today While playing with replication and instance and DR strategy. Found very interested though to blog that.   I have 6 instance on my box(yeah its true). and so many replication from one instance to other. and … Continue reading

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Transaction Replication Backup/Restore or DR

Hi,   Want to discuss on DR plan or Backup restore plan for transactional replication (here I will discuss on PUSH T replication).   Distribution database plays a very important role in Transactional replication.   The DR plan would be: … Continue reading

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Replication troubleshooting.

Hi All, Continue on Transaction replication discussion: Today I would like to share some of the  important ways of handling/troubleshooting replication issues which i come across and learned during my work on Transactional replication.   There are some common issues(errors) … Continue reading

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Transaction replication info

Hi,   To continue with the replication discussion, on my last post i discussed on some important commands and sp’s for how to configure the replication and its steps.. (I will be discussing only about Transactional Replication). and also about … Continue reading

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How Log reader works- replication

Just saw the the answer by michael Hotek for how log reader works on replication: looks very great:     Thanks Michael Hotek for sharing this valuable info to all.   Thanx. Vinay

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Replication Configuration and Basics

Hi, Just want to share info about replication script which i generally use. this is good for sql server 2000 Transaction replication, and might also 2005/2008   >>Cust steps to configure replication(Transactional). 1. Configure the server /database for replication sp_replicationdboption … Continue reading

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Data Type Synonyms

Today on sql server central QOD. very interesting question on Data Type Synonyms… We can use the synonyms data type also for declaring data type… e.g.. varchar(20) would be equivalent to char varying(20) interesting isn’t it….   Edit … Continue reading

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