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Day 24 Replication Setup

Today we will discuss how setup a replication: Master – Slave Replication: Requirement: 2 (Linux) System (MasterServer and SlaveServer) MySQL Installed Connection to both servers are accessible. On Master Server: Edit my.cnf with following information: [mysqld] Log-Bin =MySQL_Binlog Server_ID=1 Create … Continue reading

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Day 23 Replication

Replication means making copy of the objects and moving transaction from primary server to secondary/standby/Slave server. There are two type of Replication Master-Master Replication Master-Slave Replication Like other RDBMS MySQL works replication on Transactions. The pre requisite of replication is … Continue reading

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Day 17 Backup and Recovery

There are there types of Backup: Full Backup Incremental Backup Bin-Log Backup Full Backup: is a complete backup of the database You can use following some of the options in the MySQLDump command –all-databases             Dump all tables in all … Continue reading

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Day 26: Replication Errors

Day 26: Replication Errors Replication is one of my favorite topic, I worked on Transaction Replication, and Blogged about it here. Replication is possible from higher version to lower version. configure replication… remember to configure from higher version to lower … Continue reading

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Adding Articles to and Dropping Articles from Existing Publications

While checking on the forum found many questions about how to add/drop articles from existing replication. so though of blogging on it. Everyone should follow this (must read) which is the base/reference for this blog . >>Snapshot/Transactional Replicaiton:- Adding Articles:- … Continue reading

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Rename Distribution job

Whenever we create a replication (transaction replication) whether it is from Wizard or script, the respective agent (log reader, distributor and snapshot) job created automatically with their default naming conversion as Snapshot Agent: [PublisherServerName]-PublisherDB-PublisherDB- [# of time replication script/wizard run … Continue reading

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Remove Replication:

I blog on how to configure the replication here with commands and a separate blog for replication setup here. I might have discussed about how to remove replication on my earlier blog but would like to have separate blog for future … Continue reading

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Transactional Replication Conversations –Must read

  Everyone who wants to know about how transaction replication works and how to improve the performance of transaction replication must read a great blog : http://blogs.msdn.com/chrissk/archive/2009/05/25/transactional-replication-conversations.aspx Summary: log reader read the transactions(Changes) with sp_replcmds, for xp_replcmds. then log reader … Continue reading

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Replication Setup:

  I saw too many questions on forum asking step by step process of configuring replication I have these links in my favorites so though consolidating it. For Sql Server 2000: Snapshot Replication setup: By Alexander Chigrik  http://www.databasejournal.com/features/mssql/article.php/1458491/Setting-Up-Snapshot-Replication-A-Step-by-step-Guide.htm Transaction Replication … Continue reading

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Some useful commands and sp for Transaction Replication

This blog is having some useful commands we use for replication and troubleshooting. >>Some useful commands and stored procedures How it works: Log reader agent stores the command and transaction into following tables. 1.      distribution.dbo.MSrepl_Commands  eg. SELECT * FROM distribution.dbo.MSrepl_Commands  … Continue reading

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