Imp Linux Commands

Important Linux Commands
1. uname -a: To know what version of unix we are using
2. hostname: System name
3. ifconfig:      ip information
4. ping -c 3 :    ping 3 times

5. chmod:        change mode – permission (read/write/executable) – 777 – 7(me)7(group)7(others)

N         Description                  ls          binary
0          No permissions at all   —        000
1          Only execute               –x        001
2          Only write                   -w-       010
3          Write and execute       -wx      011
4          Only read                    r–        100
5          Read and execute       r-x        101
6          Read and write           rw-       110
7          Read, write, and exe   rwx 111

eg: sudo chmode 777 vin
First Number 7 – Read, write, and execute for user.
Second Number 7 – Read, write, and execute for group.
Third Number 7 – Read, write, and execute for other.

6. chown: Change owner
eg: chown -f root vin

7. df -h :human readable heading form

8. du -kh: Disk Usage all human readable – s summarize
9. whoami: returns the current user running command
10. pwd: present working directory
11. vi: Editor – :w (save) :q (quit)
12. touch : create empty file
13. mv: rename or move
14. cp:copy
15. rm:remove
16. ls -ltrh -R: (last lasting format, time wise sort, humen readable) (-r -reccursive -sub folder)
17. grep: search/contains
18. top: resource utilization
19. tail -f <no>: tail follows – live log information
20. dpkg -l |grep mysql : software package installed list
21. scp <source> <target> : Secure copy
22. wget: www get retrive the software from net -cloud
23. find /home *.txt : search in /home directory for all txt file on folders and sub folders
24. mkdir,chdir,rmdir:make, change, remove directory


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