MongoDB – Docker Install

Docker and Container making my life great. these days I can explore every thing using this.

I have installed MongoDB quick on my Docker using

Docker pull Mongo


docker run –name MyMongo –restart=always -d -p 27017:27017 mongo

this is install MongoDB container on docker.

That’s it!!!. great.

to go to Mongo shell.

to see its created

Docker ps -a

start mongoDB as

Docker start MyMongo

to see its started

Docker ps

to stop the Container

Docker stop MyMongo

To remove /permanently

Docker rm MyMongo

MongoDb is like java programming, it is a developers database.

After start of docker execute (exec) of MyMongo MongoDB interactive (-it) shell(bash)

Docker exec -it MyMongo bash

no you will be on MyMongo container start Mongo Shell





you are now on MongoDB shell to write mongoDB commands (next blog.:).

*Docker is CASE Sensitive



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