MongoDB-CHICAGO .Local

Continue to my interest on MongoDB Blog lastly on MongoDB 4.02, I attended MongoDB CHICOGO .local Sep 12 and learned so much about MongoDB so would like to blog more about what I learned.

MongoDB has 3 Managers:

MongoDB Atlas

Atlas provides MongoDB as a service from the people who build MongoDB.

MongoDB Cloud Manager

Cloud Manager is a hosted platform for managing MongoDB on the infrastructure of your choice.

MongoDB Ops Manager

Ops Manager is a comprehensive application that helps you manage MongoDB safely and reliably in your own data center

ATLAS: MongoDB database can be supported/ managed by MongoDB company and they will take care of the system for you and they charge per on cloud, this concept is called ATLAS.
Atlas is Secure per standard and supported on major provided like – AWS, Azure and Google.

Stitch:  for atlas for development purpose.

BI : ATLAS also provides support to BI tools like Micro strategy/Ta-blue , chart  for analysis purpose.

at keynote – Eliot Horowitz has shared a great information and future of MongoDB:

Inter cloud replication in future MongoDB will be planning to support that, it would be a great thing which will come

MongoDB 4.02+ would be great and would be future ready System.

Would write more about it later.


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