Day 14 MySQL sys Schema

MySQL 5.7.7 and higher includes the sys schema,

This has View, Stored Procedures and Functions to gather the performance related information, as it works on Performance Schema the Performance Schema must be enabled for the sys database.

Following some of the important tables:

sys_config: Contains information about configurations (variables).

We can enabled the performance related events as follows:

CALL sys.ps_setup_enable_instrument(‘wait’);

CALL sys.ps_setup_enable_instrument(‘stage’);

CALL sys.ps_setup_enable_instrument(‘statement’);

CALL sys.ps_setup_enable_consumer(‘current’);

CALL sys.ps_setup_enable_consumer(‘history_long’);


It is recommended to enable only default instruments and consumers so that if you like you can restore it quick instead to make customized and having problem for restore/resetup.

CALL sys.ps_setup_reset_to_default(TRUE);

Sys schema is introduced MySQL 5.7.7 so still DBA has to explore it more as most of the environments are still earlier then this



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