Operational Analytics -SQL Server 2016

What is Operational Analytics:-

Operational Analytics is a combination of two words “Operational” and “Analytics”. so your OLTP system is a operational system where day to day task eg order table keeps on updating. and Analytics is a OLAP where analysis of the order table can be done after ETL – moving the operational data with the help of nightly jobs… or other ways to OLAP system eg. Analysis services or BI system and analyse OLTP data, which is used by manager or decision maker and decide.

So earlier days when we have to analyse the data we have to wait for some time as querying on the OLTP system is quite expensive and cost a lot and makes system hung due to Locking and un-compatible locks.

Now Management team wanted to analyse the data as soon as any order takes place to decide how things are happening and understand the system and decide on it.

hence “Operationsl Analytics” is place and both system or task can be done at a time. this has been incorporated by other system, so as SQL Server.

SQL Server can achieve this in SQL Server 2016 with the help of :

  • In-Memory System.
  • Updateable Non cluster Column store Index (NCCI)
  • Compression Delay (Filtered Indexes)

So considering the critical/hot data in in-memory tables and use those tables as a NCCI and use compression delay so that the column store data will be compressed after that delay to maintain if that data is getting changes.

the detail is in following blog:


this is happening things and would like to write more on it.

*btw: Sunil Agarwal has written/webcast quite more on this.








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