World is changing so DBA should

I was going through SQLPASS recording and on first time I could see a session as “MongoDB for the SQL Server Professional” which make me think that even community is also realizing that things are changing and DBA has to be more than DBA (should having knowledge of other technologies) and and to learn new things. So do I.

Yes, I am exploring new things, I have to , to stand in the market, because things are not the same. I could see that now a days if you are expert like me SQL DBA. it is not enough you have to know so many other things a well how it works and what all it has and related, and if you learn you may realize that the similar thing is already exists in your and other technology as well.

for example, if you observed Microsoft has invested many $(Dollar)  in SQL Server 2016 and when you explore it all are their in the marking and to stand Microsoft has to be capable of delivering what market demands. like in-memory, support of R, JSON, Polybase, Azure. StretchDB, SSDT, PowerBI…. SQL on Linux, open Powershell and so on… that makes SQL Server stand one of the best in market.

I blog on SQL 2016 here …

BUT….. as stated earlier things are not same. we have to explore more to be stand strong. when you learn other technologies you will realize it.

I would like to make this as a series in category “Future DBA” which includes NOSQL, BIGDATA, Oper source, …. Stay tuned…

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