SQL Server 2016 …whats new…WOW!!!

Hey there…. I wrote on SQL Server 2016 in my earlier blog Lets See and Whats new, during that time I knew that SQL Server 2016 will be good. but when I explore and see it now looks like it is a REVOLUTION for RDBMS and Microsoft has spent a lot more on this to be the TOP on Database industry.

I have gone though the Deep Dive sessions and it was amazing the vision about SQL Server is quite clear here that it would no longer a small servers, it is now becomes the enterprise system and can be the leader on RDBMS world. It has consider all the expects of market requirement and make sure that SQL Server is fulfilling all the requirement with up to the expectations and more.

Considering this looks like SQL Server 2014 was just a add-on on (in-memory and some other stuff) of the SQL Server 2012 and the real product is SQL Server 2016.

It would be too early to decide but the deep dive sessions are so impressive, if it goes this way then we could see Microsoft will reach to new high.

Microsoft has consider all the aspects of Database on this as you know CLOUD is happening things and things are moving to cloud and Microsoft is already having AZURE. so to extend the Cloud usage StretchDB more usage of cloud will be coming to empower … more details later.

For Always Available with High availability and reliable with Always On.

For Performance improvement to make SQL per industry standard usage of using in-memory and column store and more advance query tuning stuff … more detail later.

SQL Server is achieving awards to be most secure RDBMS from last 6 years…  it become more secure now with always encrypted, row encryption, dynamic data masking and more.

On OLAP it has extended its arms and now could see a different SQL server on this with SSDT and great performance with in-memory and column store and POWER BI provides you an excellent analytic skill where decision and reporting will be fantastic at the same time quick… more to come

Now its out of the box… as you know when you say Microsoft you say the integration with Microsoft OS and restricted to Microsoft product… now with this release Microsoft has explore the world and would like to be up to customer requirement so this year they have done an acquire more than 16 vendor support product/companies which is one of the biggest investment they have made.

As you know now the market is open and data is increasing like never before and industry is looking for granular/micro analysis of the system BIG DATA is the future but we cannot achieve everything with BIG DATA it has its own limitation with respect to OLTP but for large size of data BIG DATA is happening in the market… with HADOOP (I am learning:)). so to accommodate it Microsoft has introduced several new things like POLYBASE, JSON and more to come.

Finally as I said its a customer prospect if industry demands to keep their OS same (LINUX/UNIX) and would like to make SQL Server on their OS Microsoft has announces SQL Server would compatible with LINUX a great and surprising announcement happened last month which shock everyone … but to see the acquisition of R Language and other stuff it could be quite possible. lets see by mid 2017…

*I know this is one of the longest blog I have written and I would like to explore more on this and write lots about SQL Server 2016 as I cannot keep away myself of writing…


Happy learning.


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You Tube: Deep drive sessions: Becoming another best friend.












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