SQL Server 2016 – whats new…lets see

Hey friends.

I am here again with what’s new blog … Things are changing quite frequently and requirement is also changing. To fulfill the requirement system has to catch-up to the mark.

As you know it’s a BI world and with lots of lots of data around and we would like to access or speed up the system accordingly and globalization is so high has to integrated with other technology/vendors is also important.

I am learning sql 2016 looks like things are changing dynamically and have so much new coming in with the add-on and enhancement of the existing one.

Initially when I was studying 2014 was which was having much focus on in-memory (Hekaton) which was the major new feature for it, and other features like

Buffer Pool expansion and major change in cardinality estimation, Delay durability, incremental statistics priority waits for online operations.

Now on SQL Server 2016 it another great product with lots of improved and stabilized product I would say and I believe as things has come so quickly and system is let to migrate to new system it would be possible that you could see management would like to adopt SQL 2016 rather than 2014 as it includes all feature of 2014 with more stability (my view).when we think about to move out of SQL 2005(premier support will expire in Aug 2016(hope so this time)).

When talk about SQL Server 2016 it’s another great product of Microsoft team and great achievement by experts. We could see some of the great new features and add-on enhancement of the existing features to make product more powerful.

Following are some of the new features SQL Serve 2016 offers includes:

  1. QUERY store
  2. StretchDB :to cloud
  3. Temporal table (view historical data)
  4. In Memory enhancements
  5. support of R Language
  6. Always encrypted (SSIS)
  7. PolyBase (connection to HADOOP)
  8. Row-level security

I would explore each in coming blogs


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