Sql Cluster Resource not comming online

when you check on the sql server services and sql agent services it’s getting started on windows cluster but on cluster its going down again. on error log you may get the cluster service

Login failed for user ‘cluster service account’. Reason: Token-based server access validation failed with an infrastructure error. Check for previous errors.

first thing you might think would be check the account password and see if its working– yeah its working now what next.

Read the error log carefully and try to understand what is happening. here you could see sql server is started but when it tried to attach – make available to cluster with cluster service account it’s getting failed. means the given service account might not have privilege to sql server.

So what we should do, we should make cluster/sql fool and do a work around as failed over the cluster and as soon as sql server started, we open the sql server and checked is the given service account has access to it, and we were right, that account were not existed on to sql server, we have added that account and granted sysadmin role and you know what…. it WORKS !!!

The possibility of this issue could be:

“The cluster service account has been changed and that has not been updated at sql level”


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