Re-initialize replication not working

For someone re-initialization is very simple, just go to publisher and right click and select re-initiallize and it will ask for- do you want to generate snapshot now, if you say “yes” it will create a metadata of the articles associated with that publisher at snapshot specified location(if its at distributor -would be good). and snapshot agent runs and done. starts applying that snapshot at subscriber which in turns delete the tables and re-create.

but what if you run it several time but nothing happens and you don’t know whats going on, as it don’t provide you the error any where and also it will not show where is it going and what it is doing. for you it’s just like nothing happening.

so what will you do, as we are re-initializing the subscriber so we are safe to delete the subscriber and add the new one which in turns does the same of initialization. so I did so, guess what…. it started working and surprisingly I get error at the replication stating

cannot drop the table ‘xxx’ as its it is being referenced by object ‘yyy’

so now what to do, if you see the object ‘yyy’ its a view with schema binding option enable, due to which table cannot be drop.

this could be also because of function is using that articles(objects). so if  you see re-initialize is not working first check this dependent /reference objects with respect to replicated articles.

This may save some time for some one…



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  1. Imran Alaskar says:

    Nice job dear 🙂 Imran Alaskar

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