Denali –Memory : Memory Error Recovery in SQL Server 2012


Continue on What’s new in Denali and Memory enhancement, come across another great article by SQLCAT and Glenn Berry a new feature of Sql server 2012 in association with windows server 2012 called Memory Error Recovery in SQL Server 2012, Wanted to blog about it earlier but forget due to some other person stuff.


If you install sql server 2012 with windows server 2012 Enterprise edition will be a great package and have all great features for Denali includes Memory Error Recovery. Generally memory pages wont corrupt that easy but if you have very critical enterprise system and you don’t want to take chance. Could be due to some hardware failure or any other reason data on the memory could be corrupt. At this time for such cases you do not have a solution.

How it works:

If your data on memory BPool is corrupt or lost but that has been committed into disk with this option you could able to fetch the data from disk into memory and correct the memory data cache.


  • Windows server 2012 -Enterprise
  • Sql Server 2012 -Enterprise
  • Data should be committed to disk.
  • Hardware/Software should be compatible.


Reference :








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