Denali – Day 31: Discontinue and Breaking/Behavior change features

Denali – Day 31: Discontinue and Breaking/Behavior change features

Discontinue Features:

As discussed about Deprecated will going to discontinue with that in Denali there are some features which has already discontinued. Means if you try to use those features they will not work in Denali. These featured were already in Deprecated list for earlier version for quite some time and hence finally it is discontinued.

Following are some of the features:

  • The major discontinue feature is Sql server 2000 (compatibility level 80), now with Denali you cannot work on sql server 2000 databases it has to be upgraded to at least 2005 (90) to be migrated to Denali.
  • VIA protocol is discontinued.
  • SQL Mail facility removed need to use outlook database mail
  • As most of the Windows OS is going to 64bit, and mostly in future there will be minimum of 64bit OS available. So possibility “no AWE” aware on 32bits, means memory would be more than 4 GB, and 32-bit Hot Add memory support.


For detail information on this please see below link:

Behavior Changes:

Behavior changes are changes due to which your application behavior might change if you used these earlier features into Denali. Be please verify your application for these changes if you planning to migrate your application to Denali.

For Denali the only major behavior change is failover clustering, as now it has Read-only secondary there is some changes in failover.

  • SQL Server Multi-Subnet Failover Cluster
  • SQL Server Failure detection in SQL Server Failover Cluster

For detail information on this please see below link

Breaking Changes:

Breaking changes means this are the changes happened on Denali due to which you application might break.

Following are some changes which breaks your application if you are using it.

  • Xevent: has some changes please review it before using earlier application.
  • Sync Framework is not included in the SQL Server 2012 installation package

For detail information on this please see below link

That’s It, Finally successfully completed Blog a Month series for this month as well.

Thanks for Reading!!!

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