Denali – Day 30: Deprecated Features

Denali – Day 30: Deprecated Features

Deprecated feature means these features are available in the current version of Sql server but it’s highly possible that would not be available in future version of sql server, so you should plan your application accordingly and prepare for it.

These days Microsoft is trying to make last two versions as a supported. I have discussed these all during this series of blogs – whole month a day with Denali series. So would be repeating the same here.

Following list is some of the features would be deprecated in future version:

  • 90 compatibility levels would be deprecated feature.
  • As compatibility level 80 (Sql server 2000) is discontinued, sql server 2000 database cannot be directly upgraded/attached to Denali, the application related to sql server 2000 would not be supporting, but as application cannot be directly disconnect, there is still sp_* and sys* stored procedures and systables are exists but its highly possible to it would be discontinued very soon.
  • The detailed about these sp and systables are in link below.
  • Data types: text, ntext, image would be deprecated.
  • As architecture has changed. So DBCC REINDEX like command would be replaced with Alter table… consider using these commands for maintenance.
  • SET ROWCOUNT and SET FMTONLY would be removed soon.
  • As now we could not able to access system tables directly and views are used instead of table.-sp_configure option ‘allow updates’
  • The CREATE ENDPOINT or ALTER ENDPOINT statement with the FOR SOAP option is not available now.
  • As profiler has performance impact, it would be deprecated, please try to use XEvent and trace reply will replace with Distribution reply.
  • Auditing tools c2 audit option, default trace enabled option would be replaced sp_server_diagnostics, System Health Session, XEvents.
  • Database mirroring would be replaced with “AlwaysON”
  • Command line utilities like sqlmaint.
  • You can also check this all features using dmv sys.dm_os_performance_counters

SELECT instance_name FROM sys.dm_os_performance_counters WHERE OBJECT_NAME like ‘%Deprecated Features%’ and cntr_value > 0


For detail list please see below link:

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