Denali – Day 27: System Center Advisor (aka ‘Atlanta’)

Denali – Day 27: System Center Advisor (aka ‘Atlanta’)

As Microsoft is working more on Cloud base system, on that basis Microsoft has introduced a Tool for sql server called “System Center Advisor – SCA – aka Atlanta.

Its internet based Analyzer developer by Microsoft experts, this can analyze everything for your system and provide the recommendation per the standard, means indirectly Microsoft Experts (CSS) are monitoring your system and hence your system will be more stable.

SCA currently support SQL Server, Windows Server, SharePoint Server, and Exchange Server.

System Requirements:

Windows Server 2008 or later

SQL Server 2008 or later

Internet Explorer 7.0 or later

Silverlight 4.0 or later

; Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1


Just go to And registered with you windows Live ID, are you are done.


183 Available Rules are exists


you can download the SCA … with certificate.


Everything will be on internet. You can register you servers with

Gateway and Agents to monitor.


It will provide you an errors on you current configuration with recommandations.


It’s a very light weighted, and mostly on cloud so things can easily be accessible whenever required.


*will blog more on this later.



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