Denali – Day 26: Tool: Power View- Reporting Power View (Aka Crescent)

Denali – Day 26: Tool: Power View -Reporting Power View (Aka Crescent)


If you are good with:


Pivot table

Power point


And you are on administration position to get reports and want to get stats. Power View is for you.


It is another great tool by Microsoft which is integrated with Sql server Reporting services and Sharepoint.



Its completely Visual design, like PowerPoint, xls graphs or similar tools, inside SharePoint, very easily to access data to generate a required report.


We can include the Metadata from the database. And its so easy developed for End User who can just drag down and use it.


Pre-requirement:Enterprise Edition Only

  1. Must have SharePoint 2010 SP1 Enterprise Edition
  2. Sql server 2012 Reporting Added version for SharePoint Enterprise Edition
  3. Silver light Version 5 installed


Data source requirement:

  1. BISM Tabular model (BI) model or Power Pivot
  2. DAX used to query the model (backend development when you drag and drop the metadata)


File extension is .rdlx from:

BISM –BI Tabular model

.xlsx -excel

.rsds –


Export Reports to be:


Saved to SharePoint libraries

Exported to PowerPoint


When you open it in preview mode.


Things are not available:

Hidden objects


Key performance indicators (KPI’s)


At present 5 Reporting tools are available:


SSRS -Static Reporting -developer Tool– report Builder

Xls -End user

Power Pivot :xls –Power user tool addhoc OLAP

Performance point : share point -Developer –dash boarding dashboard designer

Power View -End user using share point and SSRS

Lot more than Pivot Table, Performance point .



Webcast by Devin Knight


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