Denali – Day 22: SQL Server Developer Tools SSDT (Aka “Juneau”)

Denali – Day 22: SQL Server Developer Tools SSDT (Aka “Juneau”)


As stated earlier on blog on “LocalDB” discussion, developers are involved in development and has to interact with database, in this case Denali has introduced another tool called “SSDT” a visual studio shell tool for developers to work with sql server.

You have to include it in the setup to install the Sql Server Developer Tools for your installation.After installation, you have to install SSDT project Web Install, database project, you can do it from here.

Juneau is for Application developers. Who is less bother about maintenance and performance of the sql server, they are for application designer. On that SSDT is a major enhancement by Denali, using this tool developer can use the visual studio includes sql server and can play with sql server like. 

  • Database design.
  • Create a table/objects
  • Make the relationship.
  • Create a stored procedure/function/views script
  • Insert/Update/delete the records
  • Debug the stored procedure 

It is Packaging tool of all the sql server tools (storage ending, Analytical services, Integrated services, reporting services), so on SSDT you can work with them.

So using SSDT it makes them very easy to do this all, using a simple drag drop, you could able to generate the script, no need to remember all the commands.

It is also Cloud aware so you could easily deploy/publish the database on cloud (SQL Azure) as a target.

We could work on the offline. whenever you work on the project and create any segments, like creating any object by default it will stored in “Local” default instance on the SSDT, which we can deploy to any sql server instance later.

You can preview the changes before making the changes, just to understand what would be the impact of it.

SSDT : when you open a project/new project, it can open a “Sql server” project and you connect to server it will open a SSMS like structure on SSDT.

Query writing is so user friendly with intellisence, there is very less chances of syntax error on it.

you could compare the schema for two objects, using schema compare.

It is very user friendly

Developers would going to love it.


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