Denali – Day 16: Tool: Database Recovery Advisor –SSMS tool

Denali – Day 16: Tool: Database Recovery Advisor –SSMS tool

As blogged on “Denali – Day 11: SSMS enhancement” about Features added on SSMS, now you can restore a page using SSMS, to add to it SSMS has another tool called “Recovery Adviser” where you could restore database point in time with specific timeline.

When you restore a backed up database, this requires “FULL/Bulked Logged” Recovery model(cannot recovery in “SIMPLE” recovery model). you could specify backup files, now when you want to restore on timeline to particular time. with the help of Recovery advisor tool, it will show you GUI of timeline till what time you can restore your database with all the backup files, it’s a very easy way to restore the database for any one just by moving your cursor. No knowledge of T-SQL is required.

Go to Object Explores -> Select Particular database – > Task -> Restore

On restore screen after providing backup files, if it included transaction log on it, you will get “Timeline” button activated (which will pop up “Recovery Advicer”

When you restore, at that time it will automatically take the “tail log backup”. And shows how much files and percentage has completed.

  • Take a tail-log backup before point-in-time restore.
  • This is restore task so all restore related restriction applies to it like no user connection should exist on the existing database.
  • FileStream file group backup not supported for point-in-time restore.
  • Same can be achieved using T-SQL option “WITH STOPAT“.

SSMS Recovery point in time

Also work for Split file backup/restore


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