Denali – Day 15: Support for Windows Server Core

Denali – Day 15: Support for Windows Server Core


Windows Server Core: Microsoft Server has so many features which is not required on the server and would never been used, but it exists and sometime cause issue. For this reason Microsoft has introduced an operating system called “CORE” from “windows server 2008” has introduced “Windows Server 2008 Core”.

Server Core does not have any GUI In it, you have to use a command prompt to operate.

For more information


Sql server 2012 support this Server Core operating system, now you can install Denali on it using command prompt or configuration file.


Command prompt – Setup.exe options can be provided using below link:


Installation Features:




Server Core has its own limitation, as it is dedicated server with no GUI, we cannot work on the feature which requires gui, on sql server we have to use “POWERSHELL” to work on it. Or need to enable the remote access to use remote GUI(different server ) for SSMS requires TCP/IP enabled.

  • Can only be install on 64bit system (not supported for 32bit system)
  • Must provide unattented setup option with “/q or /qs” with “/IAcceptSQLServerLicenceTerms” option
  • Only “SQLENGINE, REPLICATION, FULLTEXT, AS, IS, CONN” features supported



Uninstall: Setup.exe /Q /Action=Uninstall /FEATURES=SQLEngine /INSTANCENAME=MSSQLSERVER



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