Denali — Day 11: SSMS enhancement

Denali — Day 11: SSMS enhancement

SSMS is a separate tool now, and it has enhanced features on it. This helps developer/DBA to manage the system efficiently.

Like IntelliSense/Debug is introduced in sql server 2008 now in Denali it has improved.

Following are some of the new features added in management studio:

  1. snippet – templates

now you can easily insert the snippets like if you want to create function/trigger/index/table… just insert the snippet syntax will automatically inserted for it.

Just right click the cursor and select “insert snippet” or Ctrl+K+X    

You can add your own Snippets using “Tools-> Code Snippets Manager…” or Ctrl+K+B

  1. Surround With

This is another great feature of management studio where if you want to write a script and use surround with conditional statement like Begin, if, while.etc you can use the surround with option where the template of the script will be automatically set.

Just right click the cursor and select ” Surround With:” or Ctrl+K+S

This makes new bee very handy scripts /template and no need to remember the syntax of particular command.

  1. Cycle Clipboard Ring:

Most of the time you want to keep more than one text/commands to be copied and pasted if required but you could only copy last copied object and paste it, but now Denali introduced “Cycle Clipboard Ring” where you could copy multiple text and paste clipboard with Ring just press Ctrl+Shift+V (Edit – > Cycle Clipboard Ring)

  1. IntelliSense improvement:

    Till now IntelliSense is provide you the help on the first character, but now you could get the help for any related character

    Eg. If you press

    Select * from physical

    It will show you dm_db_index_pysical_stats

    This way it is very easy for you to get the dmv instead of remembering the dmv’s.


  2. Quick Info

    You can get the quick information about the objects by just moving the cursor on an object and it will show.

  1. Page Restore:

    Till now page restore is only available using T-Sql now from Denali you can use page restore using SSMS, with GUI it is easy to use.

    Just goto database and right click and select Task->Restore->Page

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