Denali — Day 9: Additional Scalability Features

Denali – Day 9: Additional Scalability Features

  1. 15,000 Partitions earlier it was 1000

For the enterprise system having huge amount of data to achieve the best performance for huge data developer requires more partition to distribute the data and manage it appropriately, for that Microsoft were introduced partition of data in sql server 2005. This works great. To add more on it now in Denali increase the partition from 1000 to 15000 which is very huge.

2. Online Index Create, Rebuild & Drop for big columns VARCHAR(MAX), NVARCHAR(MAX) and VARBINARY(MAX) columns
Online index is introduced in 2008, online index were provided a great support for maintenance for enterprise domain for 24/7 system where there is very little time for maintenance and system should be up for all the time. But online index were having limitation of not rebuilding for large objects like VARCHAR(MAX), NVARCHAR(MAX) and VARBINARY(MAX) columns, which requires offline rebuild. Now Denali introduced these columns data also to be possible to be online.

3. Filestream can contains multiple files:
This is another improvement in Denali, just like load balancing on partition now Filestream filegroup can have multiple files on different volumes.




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