Denali — Day 6: indirect Checkpoint

Denali – Day 6: indirect Checkpoint

I have already blog some information about checkpoint here

As I have already blog about Checkpoint and how it works. Generally it works approximately every 1
minute(internal – default) . You could do this on instance specific using EXEC sp_configure recovery interval‘,
Or if you want you can just type “Checkpoint” to manually run the checkpoint for that particular database.

Sql server 2012 – Denali introduced indirect (custom) checkpoint where you can indirectly set the checkpoint per your requirement, default is it off, you can set it to ON, this will help you for system recovery would be fast but it has a little downside as well, it impact the performance of you system a bit for flushing data requires bandwidth.

Below is the way you can configure indirect checkpoint using management studio

As property of database and “recovery” ->Target Recovery Time (seconds)

Using T-sql


This way you can set indirect checkpoint specific to particular database.

Uncommitted transactions recovery time would increase due to checkpoint . as it directly impact the performance of your recovery at the startup time, use it carefully and should know the impact, generally for big database try to avoid it.



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