Denali – Blog a Day Series : May, 2012



Microsoft has launches sql server 2012 aka Denali on March, 2012. Free Express and evolution edition for the same is also available now.

After Sql server 2008 (compatibility 10) and sql server 2010 /sql server 2008 R2 (compatibility 10.5) another major release from Microsoft sql server is Denali. Which is very advance and Cloud compatible. It has all the great features which were asking by all the RDBMS enterprise customers and I strongly believe now sql server is reach to major enterprise market like ORACLE in fact more than that.

The system requirement is here

It requires OS of windows 7 sp1 (vista sp3) onwards..

As I have planned, written blog a day series last year for Powershell and Troubleshooting. I will be writing another one this year’s first Blog a day series for a month of MAY on “DENALI” where I will be trying to explore Denali on Database Administrator OLTP system only.

And at the end I would be writing a blog for “What’s New in Denali” .

Appreciate your comment and support on this.

Thanks for reading.


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