Desktop Edition Sql server 2000 MSDE Install upgrade

for sql server 2000 (I know its old) desktop edition does not includes any GUI. so installation of desktop edition ie MSDE is via command prompt.

you can install the setup for desktop edition for free from here.

to install, just download the exe. and extract it.

setup.exe /settings C:\MSDERelA\setup.ini /L*v C:\MSDERelA\MSDE_setup.log

it will install the sql server 2000 desktop edition.

select serverproperty(‘productversion’)

select serverproperty(‘Edition’)

select serverproperty(‘ProductLevel’)

Now to upgrade the SP4 install it from here.

setup /upgradesp sqlrun /L*v C:\MSDELog.log


some time you may get an error

  1. Strong SA password required

For such errors include SAPWD=”xxx” for installation and upgradation.

Provide strong sa password.

  1. Invalid instance name

This error occurs when we do not include /upgradesp option in upgrade

This has been improved in sql server 2005 where we can install gui for desktop edition. And can upgrade.

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