Suspect Database

Suspect database generally caused by internal IO issue, and the best way to resolve it to ask hardware person to check and correct the issue. And sql server dba has to monitor it.

Check the database consistence using


And try to understand the messages.

Don’t be panic and make any wrong decision.

Never try this at first:

  • Don’t Restart sql services
  • Don’t detach database
  • Don’t run checkdb “REPAIR_ALLOW_DATA_LOSS ” at first
  • Don’t direct restore the database. – you may have to do it but lastly.
  • Don’t delete anything( data/log /backup/ any file)

First analyze and then take action.

Generally if it’s a IO issue, once IO is back just set the database to offline and bring it back to online will work.

There is a great blog posts by Father of sql server “Paul Randal” on this – MUST READ:

Hope you never come across database to “Suspect” or “Recovery Pending”


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