Day 21: maintenance Job “Suspended” for cluster

When we create a maintenance plan for sql server 2000 it was integrated with engine, but from sql server 2005 and onwards maintenance plan related dll are dependents on SSIS services, so to create a maintenance plan it requires SSIS to be installed. In a scenario when we have Clustered where on one node SSIS is installed we can create a maintenance plan and things will be good, but we forgot  to installed SSIS on other node and when failover occurs to other node, here SSIS not exists, our maintenance job will be in suspended state.

You may get error like this

Step 1 of job ‘Integrity Check.Integrity Check’ (xxx) cannot be run because the SSIS subsystem failed to load.  The job has been suspended



Installed SSIS when you work on Maintenance plan for SQL Server 2005 and above

This could also possible that on one mode ssis is installed on different location, so make sure both node should have identical location for ssis install.

Sometimes -An SSIS package does not run when you call the SSIS package from a SQL Server Agent job step

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