Sql Server Internals…

These days I am learning lots of sql servr internals. I am reading blogs by Paul Randal – www.Sqlskills.com and gone thorugh his MCM trainings. For me Paul is the mentor of sql server, I learn most of the internal/basics of sql server from him(virtually).

Thanks you Paul from the bottom of my heart. Paul is sharing lots of good information about sql server (which generally not much expert does 🙂 )

Will try to write some good blogs about those soon, which includes



 Different internal allocation pages

  • page 0:  File header
  • Page 1:  PFS
  • Page 2:  GAM
  • Page 3:  SGAM
  • Page 6:  DIFF
  • Page 7:  ML
  • Page 9:  Boot page

Allocation Unit


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