Miscellaneous Info

Some undocumented and important stuff  

DMV: dbcc showcontig – index_physical_stats will scan complete index pages even if you use where clause

Backup : uses 960k speed can reduce to 64k.

Virtual File Space … for 32 bit system. Default big pages when use PAE /awe /3G?

IAM –bit interval 4GB, GAM(Uniform Extents) -bit interval 4GB, SGAM(Mixed Extents) –bit interval 4GB, PFS(Page Free Space) –bytes interval 64MB.

Spinlock: mutual exclusion and never locked user data.


Windbg & sqlservr.pdb(Symbol File) KB311503

DBCC LOGINFO –too much VLFs can cause performance problem (more then 100/200)

DBCC  DBInfo(‘dbname’)

DBCC Page(‘’) – detailed page information.

DBCC IND() –index page numbers

DBCC  FileHeader(‘dbname’,filenumber#)

DBCC openTrans(‘dbnm’)

–DBCC Debugger

DBCC updateusage



DBCC SQLPERF(LRUSTATS) — Note this is undocumented command

measure Min Free Buffers on SQL server using: –


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