Powershell Day 13

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Powershell support XML, as XML is a language which works great for windows, and it’s like a platform independent, you can create a webpages using xml.

With Powershell we can use Export-Clixml cmdlet to convert an output to xml format.


It require PowerShell v2


help about_remote_troubleshooting

EnterPSSession  -computer –computername


EnterPSSession  -computer –computername (get‐content names.txt)


Email can be done using one of the following:

  1. Outlook
  2. .Net
  3. SNTP


  1. Outlook

$Outlook = New-Object .-com Outlook.Application

$Inbox = $Outlook.Session.GetDefaultFolder(6)

 $Inbox.items | foreach { write-host $_.Subject }


  1.  For .Net







$Email = New-Object System.Net.Mail.MailMessage( “Info@contoso.local”, “administrator@contoso.local”)


  1. SMTPClient



You can define coloring at the output as well

PS C:\> write-host -Fore Red “Powershell” -Back Green

More properties/methods:

If you see the get-member of any cmdlets you may get some properties/methods but that may not be complete to get the complete list of properties and methods use the Format List (fl) option with * .



As you know if you declare any variable or script anything that will be valid (available ) until you are using the session, once you close the Powershell session your variables will be lost, to keep the variable  or object for longer use, declare it at profile which loads at the time of Powershell start

To get the profile location there is a variable called “PROFILE”

PS C:\> variable profile |fl *

Name        : PROFILE

Description :

Value       : C:\Documents and Settings\<user>\My Documents\WindowsPowerS


Options     : None

Attributes  : {}

Generally profile will be at location

 C:\Documents and Settings\<user>\My Documents\WindowsPowerShell\Microsoft.PowerShell_profile.ps1

*Will try to update it further.

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