Audio Webcast – Whats News

Yesterday I though of doing an audio webcast what all I blog.

So started audio webcast, its a series of webcasts on Whats New blog category which I blog here and here please refer blog when listen.

Today I uploaded it on public folder. Hope you will enjoy it same as I did while recording.

Following are the audio webcasts and their link to it

1. History of MS Sql Server

Audio Webcast:^_of%20^_MSSqlServer.wma

2. Whats New MS Sql Server 7

Audio Webcast:^_of%20^_MSSqlServer.wma#resId/645E3FC14D5130F2!744

3.  Whats New in MS Sql Server 2000

Audio Webcast:^_of%20^_MSSqlServer.wma#resId/645E3FC14D5130F2!746

4. Whats New in MS Sql Server 2005

Audio Webcast:^_of%20^_MSSqlServer.wma#resId/645E3FC14D5130F2!747

5. Whats New in MS Sql Server 2008 & MS Sql Server 2008 R2

Audio Webcast:^_of%20^_MSSqlServer.wma#resId/645E3FC14D5130F2!748

Please let me know your feedback on this.

Please read the Blog as a reference for this Audio Webcast.


Thanks and Happy Learning.




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