Performance Tunning -Checklist

continue with performace tunning stuff, I would like to make a checklist (kind of) for general performance tunning or dba checklist.

I highly recommend to read my earlier post on performance tunning here

Performance Monitoring (Activities):

  1. Dashboard report (2005) Data collector (2008)
  2. Performance Monitor (Counters-CPU/Memory/IO/Network/Sql Level)
  3. Profiler Utility trace/ Server Side trace….. (can insert into table and analyze)
  4. Periodically snapshot for Stats (waits and file stats) and other DMV’s
  5. Using DMV to find the query which needs to optimize.
  6. Use of Database Tuning Advices
  7. Analyze the query compilation plan and time for compilation/execution
  8. Check the index /statistics
  9. Check the tempDB bottleneck

Other DBA checks:

  1. System configuration
  2. Check jobs – Backup/reindex/statistics
  3. Check disk space
  4. Check Error log (can insert into table and analyze)
  5. Check Event Viewver

Other checks specific to the components like High Availability and other components is not discuss here.

Will blog in detail of each one.  also try to keep  updated this blog as and when require…. appreciate your comments on this. please help me to make this list better.



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