Error Log Part 2

I already discussed the steps of server starts which log info at error logs here, In this blog I would like to share the information we can get from error log.

Error Log  contains:

  1. Version of Sql server
  2. Version of  Windows
  3. Sql ServerPackage(Enterprise/standard…)
  4. How manu CPU are on the server.
  5. Sql server exe process ID
  6. What network library are used to listen for new connection
  7. state of database for as DLL (TDS)
  8. where any extended procedure executes
  9. What method was sql server shutdown(service system/t-sql)
  10. History of DSS and transaction log backup
  11. summary of DBCC CheckDB Execution.

There are many ways we can hide and show some extra information on error log by enabling/desabling respective trace( I will discuss it somewhere in my blog later).



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