Microsoft Release end dates -2

I blog here lastly about Microsoft Sql server 2000 support has already expired. Just want to update further on this that Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 2 is already expired (January 12, 2010) and SQL Server 2008 RTM will expire on April 13, 2010.

This looks like Microsoft is not willing to support old software and they are asking/Forcing 🙂 us to upgrade to new to get support from them. We know that Sql server 2005 is much stable and even if you are good with sp2 we have to forcefully upgrade to next/newer version to get support by them. Soon we could see that they will stop support to Sql server 2005 -which is great product so far by Microsoft and could be we force to upgrade and pay more for sql server 2008 — generally support of the product ends after 12months, means after every 12months do we have to upgrade is it feasible for validated/critical production system?

There are lots of discussion about upgrades here , why should be upgrade to newer version if our system works perfect and we don’t require any new feature. just for a sake of Microsoft support. I think more then 60% of system gets upgraded only due to this.

To be honest I am not very much in favor of this. but that is fact, Thanks to the blogs/Forums where we can get support for anything.

Appreciate your comments.




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