Error Log:

Following steps happened when sql server starts… we can see that in error log::

1. Build of sql server and platform as Microsoft Sql server 2005 version. Edition on OS.

2. Windows process ID (kpid):

3. Error log file location.

4. when last time sql was down and what spid it used.

5. New to sql server 2005, start up options either from register/command prompt.

6. –d Read “Master.mdf” file and store configuration into memory.

7. –e error log file

8. –l master.ldf file

9. Configuration of the system : CPU…

10. SQLOS subsystem initialization. memory and mode of operation DAC/light weighted pooling.

11. DTC Initialization attempt if any recovery require.

12. SQL Network Interface (SNI) initialize prepare server to listen connection.

13. Main background tread will start : ” – LazyWriter, LogWriter, Checkpoint and database mirroring.

14. Ready to startup system database and user database (it goes with session(s)).

15. Configure Default trace if any.

16. Resource database is started.

17. Server starts – Service Broker and Mirroring. during connection starts.

18. Master startup stored procedure runs if any.

Happy Holiday – Merry Christmas.




Book:  SQL Server 2005 Practical Troubleshooting: The Database Engine: Ken Henderson.

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