Replication Setup:


I saw too many questions on forum asking step by step process of configuring replication I have these links in my favorites so though consolidating it.

For Sql Server 2000:

Snapshot Replication setup:

By Alexander Chigrik

Transaction Replication setup:

This is by Alexander Chigrik at database journal you can also find the same at

Merge Replication setup:

This is also by Alexander Chigrik

Another for merge replication by D J Nagendra

and more information about replication and step by step by Mahesh Kodli

For Sql Server 2005:

Transaction Replication setup:

I always refer this great link by longrujun

Merge replication setup:

here is link by Ahmad Eid Salim

Finally To Implement Bidirectional Transactional Replication:

(added 11242009)

Peer to Peer Transactional replication script:

(add12022009)just read a great blog by Gurwinderjit Singh

Step by Step Procedure to Implement SQL Server Transactional Replication with Oracle as Publisher

Thanks you very much to all the bloggers to share this valuable information with us.

I will try to keep this up to date. Appreciate more links if you have any.



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