Transaction replication info

To continue with the replication discussion, on my last post i discussed on some important commands and sp’s for how to configure the replication and its steps.. (I will be discussing only about Transactional Replication). and also about how log reader works.
Before going for troubleshooting and issues we should know the following about transaction replication:
1.Just want to be clear that when you do any UPDATE command(s) on publisher it will be DELETE and INSERT at subscriber. until
DBCC TRACEON (8207, -1)
2. all the commands which will replicate will be on
sp_browsereplcmds — you can see the commands (sql query) which is pending to go to subscriber (very imp)
3. distribution.dbo.sp_browsereplcmds  refers – distribution.dbo.msrepl_commands and distribution.dbo.ms_repltransaction  with key “xact_seqno” .
4. distribution.dbo.MSrepl_errors is another important table which shows the error message (reason for replication failure) very important for troubleshooting replication issues.
5. publisher.dbo.sysarticles at publisher this commands shows what all articles publisher is enable for replication.
6. their are commands(Stored Procedures) which runs when you do any transactions(insert, update or delete).
Bi-directional transaction replication:
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